A mortgage should not be “set and forget”.  Borrowers should put their mortgage through an occasional Health Check.  Peoples circumstances change, lending policies change, a Home Loan should be reviewed occasionally to ensure your loan still meets your requirements and is the most cost effective currently available on the market place.

People refinance and consolidate for many reasons such as:-

  • Lowering your monthly repayments
  • To payout higher interest debts such as car loans, personal loans and credit cards which are generally written over shorter terms with higher monthly payments
  • Release equity or get “cash out” to renovate or for a new car or any other worthwhile personal purpose
  • Raise a deposit for an Investment Property purchase
  • Choose a cheaper Variable or Fixed Rate Loan
  • To activate specific loan features such as an “Offset” account

At AAA Mortgage Services we are NOT in the business of re-writing clients loan just for the sake of it.  We are looking to deliver a cost benefit to the borrower as a result of re-finance or debt consolidation.  We also assist with the lodgment of the Discharge Instructions to the out-going lender on your behalf which assists in a quicker process from application to settlement.

Please call Damien on 00425 781 639 for a personal assessment.