Whether you’re a first time investor or well on your way to Building a Property Portfolio, both Darren and Damien at AAA Mortgage Services have the experience and knowledge to assist you with your Investment Loan needs.

We understand the importance of loan structuring (private names, company, trust or SMSF) to achieve the best tax effectiveness and can explain in simple terms what Negative Gearing means. (We recommend clients seek professional advice from their Accountant with regards to applicable structure for their circumstances and we are happy to liaise with your Accountant in need).

We can show you how you can get started with Investing in property with no cash contribution by using equity in your own home. We can also explain what cross-collateralization is and its advantages and disadvantages.

We will explain the difference between what we call Good Debt (ie Tax Deductible such as Investment Property Loans) versus Bad Debt (ie Non Tax Deductible such as Owner Occupied Home Loan).

Damien owns Investment Properties both inside & outside of a Self Manged Superannuation Fund and is happy to share hispersonal experiences with clients.

Should you be interested in investing in property AAA Mortgage Services can undertake an initial borrowing capacity exercise for you at no cost to determine your eligibility.

Just call Damien on 0425 781 639.